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BBC America Top Gear

Just watching Top Gear today, I see the crazy german car show challenged the Crazy British car show to a face off.

So when is the United States going to be represented?

As our heros, you guys should have the advantage in being crazy even if you are one guy short. Also, you should have an even greater advantage working in radio which means you don’t gotta film like the BBC TV guys.

So when it the cross appearances going to happen?


You have to realize that posts on this site are not responded to my Tom & Ray, and in all probability, they may not even monitor this site. This is a site where “average Joes” ask other average Joes (albeit, ones with a bit of automotive knowledge and expertise) for advice on car-related matters.

And, as to Top Gear, while I also enjoy the program, I realize that it is highly scripted. Trust me–the “accidents” and other incidents that you see are all part of the script, along with Jeremy Clark and his obnoxious “I am never wrong” persona.

I like Top Gear.

Even when I had an optional cable package the closest thing I could get was some nutty 4x4 maniac from the south named Stacey that was an out of control welder. He’d take perfectly good vehicles, make themn into useless over-raised 4x4s, then take them out and break them

Sometimes they do something so right, it’s hard to believe it’s them

BBC Top Gear is staged entertainment, not scientific testing. The program is designed to have Jeremy Clark look good.

The audience it is directed to are adolescents who like to see “sacred cows” attacked. Nothing wrong with all that, I even have 2 of his books. Compare it with “Pimp my Ride” in terms of technical value and practical advice!!!

“The audience it is directed to are adolescents who like to see “sacred cows” attacked.”

Is that why they like the CTS-V so much?

Awesome…thanks. Top Gear is some of the most fun on the tele

If it was brought overseas, it wouldn’t be as good.

NBC looked at doing a Top Gear America, possibly with Jay Leno involved, but apparently decided not to do it.

This clip is from the show - James May On The Moon - which aired on BBC4 a short time ago. Not Top Gear in the least, although there was one shameless Top Gear plug hidden within though. . .James has done quite a few proper shows for the BBC and has have been very entertaining as well. I can honestly say that having been to one of the shows that Jeremy Clarkson is the same off camera as on. The same can be said for Richard. The show has no format at all and each season needs to be looked at as a whole not a single episode (something we Americans can’t quite grasp). The sum of the whole is better than the parts. . .which is why this show will probably never be produced here in America.

The guys from Top Gear already came to the USA. They were almost killed in Alabama.

If I were one of them, I wouldn’t come back!

The show you mentioned paired the guys up with people form Top Gear in Germany, not some radio show where the guys like to make themselves laugh. Tom and Ray don’t have the stones to do something like this.

That was the most hysterical clip I’ve seen in a very long time.

Kudos to them for giving the cars away in New Orleans.

It won’t work here.

Why? Commercial television.

First, you can’t call some car complete rubbish (crap) if one of your advertisers make it - at least if you want to keep them as an advertiser. Second, they get a whole hour, not 43 minutes, so you have more time to squeeze everything in.

BBC America–unlike its British parent, BBC–is a commercial network.
Therefore, the Top Gear program, like all of the other “1 hour programmes” on BBC America, is interrupted by advertising just as often as any other commercial network. And, some of that advertising is for various makes of cars.

I guess that you do not have BBC America among your cable/satellite TV offerings, otherwise you would be aware of its very commercial nature.

Top Gear (the UK version) is on BBC Two, which is not commercial. That was my point (no advertisers to tick off). However it gets chopped up for BBC America re-broadcast is completely irrelevant.

I think if they did a US version, it might turn out more like Fifth Gear on Five, all chopped up and shortened.

Your right, I choose to watch the original BBC-Two broadcast on Sunday, without added commercials.

that on satalite TV?
I’d really like to see their uncut versions