More Russian road antics


Apparently, the combination of vodka, poor driving skills, and winter road conditions is not a good thing. Who knew?


I couldn’t get the link to play @VDCdriver


The link won’t play for me either , but . .I’ve seen many of those russian dash cam videos and some are mind boggling.


I’m sorry, guys.
It worked for me when I played it directly on youtube, but for some reason it doesn’t “translate” properly to this site.

@cdaquila–I think that you can delete this thread at this point…


You could cut and paste the URL for the video.


That is what I did, so I have no clue about why it doesn’t seem to work via this site.


Yeah I’ve watched a few of those. One of my favorites is them winching an SUV out of a frozen lake with just timbers and rope and lots of friends and cheers. I dunno, seems to me if you have few resources, lots of time on your hands, and a dismal future, you may tend to take more chances than others.