Run your car on water


What about those adds for bolt on gas saving units that run water through a car battery powered gizmo then duct a vapor that they call HHO into the air intake. Has anybody tested these water = fuel devices? I am interested in a actual test not opinion.


AGAIN…Don’t you people have anything else to do???


No one I know is DUMB enough to test it.


The manufacturers have tested them, if you read their website blurb it says ‘scientifically proven’.

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You would think they might even change the verbiage they use.


kdale22: See the other gazillion contributions scattered throughout this web site concerning this subject. My comment: KablooeyB.S. I wonder what degrees these “scientifically proven” testers have? B.S., M.S., or P.H.D.? (Buls@#$, More s@#$, or Piled Higher and Deeper?).


Please make these posts stop!!!


Thousands of suckers have tested it.


P.T. Barnum would be proud of you.


HHO = H20 = water


Barnum is no doubt sitting there in the afterlife and sobbing mournfully because of his inability to participate in the mother of all hoaxes.


Once again we are reminded at the poor preparation in the sciences and critical thinking that many people have!


but it’s so much easier to put on a lab coat and say you’re a scientist/doctor while peddling the useless products you’re making


I run my car on water all the time. It’s in the radiator, but I wouldn’t go anywhere without it!


This product is a ??? ??? ???, ??? ???

And what I said makes as much sense to someone who doesn’t know Russian as this product does to someone who knows anything about physics or chemistry.