Run your car on water

There are several web sites promoting books and kits that will allow you to supplement your fuel with HHO derived from breaking down water. Is this BOOOgus?

Certainly. I thought EVERYONE knows that by now.

You are supposed to use special bottled water, which actually costs more than gasoline at $4.00 a gallon. You certainly don’t want your car to get sick on polluted tap water. Of course this “run your car on water” stuff is BOOOgus.

This “run your car on water” stuff has been around for at least 50 years. I remember as a kid in the 1950’s seeing ads in Popular Science and Popular Mechanics that said “burn water instead of gasoline”. At that time, the water was injected to keep the combustion chamber free of carbon. It also allowed one to raise the timing and not have detonation. This may have caused a modest increase in mileage.

I’m looking for something that will make gasoline potable. Even at $4.00 a gallon, gasoline is cheaper than bottled water. However, I would probably have to drink 91 octane–I’d ping on regular.

Please, oh please would someone make these threads stop???

Brimac, since this is your first post, maybe you didn’t read any of the nauseating number of these threads. There have been a few per week recently.

HHO is water…so how can you break down water to form HHO? Review your HS chemistry notes.

I’m sorry but you have been flagged ,by me 30 times.

use the search function,type water,and thats that.

Of course it’s bogus. It takes energy to break down the water. If the process were 100% efficient, the most you could get back when you burned the H-OH back to water would be the energy you used to break it down in the first place. and no process is 100% efficient, so you end up with a net energy loss.

Are we having fun yet?

But, if everyone remembered their science classes, they wouldn’t be so compelled to try to make water from water. HHO = H2O = water

If you can find the 100+ octane racing fuel, you should be able to run the Boston Marathon in record time.

Sorry, I did several searches on various terms without any results.

I believe you have me confused with someone else. I just signed up yesterday. That was my first post. A search on “water” and “fuel from water” returned nothing.
I do grasp the concept that H2O is water, the implication was that the water was broken down into two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen, thus H H O as oppose to H2O.
I thought this would be a friendly group judging by the mood of Car Talk. I don’t believe I deserved all these flames. A simple “yes it is a fraud” would have sufficed. Or perhaps a direction to the previous threads dealing with this.
I only came here after finding nothing on Snopes. I shall certainly think twice before posting here again.