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Stuck in gear

my sons 96 saturn sl1 sticks in fifth gear cables are fine if i manualy move the shift lever at the transmission i can get in the car and run from first through fifth but then i have to get out to bring it back to first help

I think that the shift linkage on your son’s car is a lot less fine than you think it is.

I also think there is something wrong with all the punctuation and capitalization keys on your computer.

You should inspect both problems carefully.

i think you should get a life rather than searching posts for mistakes i here mom upstairs calling you the boscos done junior

I second the punctuation and capitalization motion,I refuse to deal with online support when the technican uses text messaging shorthand.

i thought this site was to swap info not correct grammer im out in western mass its freezing and im in and out of the house all day trying to solve this problem and thought people that knew about cars could help but found a bunch of teachers correcting grammer sorry mom i forgot to punctuate sue me

You, sir, are asking for help. The very least you can do is to ensure that your request is legible.

As for swapping information, I did. You simply didn’t like what I told you. With that, I’ll tell you nothing further.

Jaw responded with the usual answer to a car exhibiting the problems you are having with your car.

He and the others have gone on to point out that it is only wise to try and communicate effectively and that means in a way that is clear to the reader. When you text message your friends, they know the short cuts you are using, but many of us old guys don’t. If you want to benefit from the knowledge of cars, which you lack then you need to accommodate our lack of knowledge of your communication shorthand.

FE Fair Enough?

OK, let’s put down the grammar police hats and deal with the issue at hand.

When was the last time the gear fluid was changed? Old stale fluid can easily cause problems like this. If I remember correctly, I think these manual trans. use Dextron III or IV ATF fluid. I’d change out the fluid and see if it clears up. Don’t add any additives, tho. I don’t think you need it.

thanks so much for an honest answer.I thought thats what this site was for,not for belittling people but i was wrong peace be with you

Well, I’ve seen posts that have worse grammar and less info than you provided. I just think that 6 posts about grammar and punctuation, but nothing about the problem was overkill. I hope my advise helps.

Knuckles,I think that is “advice” not advise,and Jay did give the most likey cause of the concern in his first statement,a linkage problem that is being overlooked by the OP.

do Jay and you have anything better to do?People post here looking for help not a sermon on grammer (hope I spelled that correctly)Look forward to the rude reply

Your post is a bit fuzzy to me. About all I can suggest is an inspection of the shift linkage first; broken bushings, etc.

Normally, a manual transmission that sticks in gear has a problem with excessive wearin the synchronizer hub assembly. This is true of any gear; not just 5th.

You might ask your son if he’s in the habit of driving with his hand resting on the gearshift lever. This is a pretty common habit and greatly increases wear in the transmission as the weight of the hand is multiplied by the gear lever.
This is rough on synchronizer hubs, sleeves, inserts, and shift forks.