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Squeek/Chirp Noise from Front of Honda Civic

For about 6 months I have been hearing a noise that is an “irregular chirping” type noise that is very reminicient of tires rubbing on something, but fairly subtle as it is only heard when driving slowly with the windows open. I have had my break pads replaced at one shop that claimed it would resolve the problem…it didn’t. In addition, I had the car into the dealership. They thought maybe the tires just needed air, but the sound persisted. After a review by the shop’s technician and they still haven’t identified a source. I wondered if the tires were out of alignment and were rubbing from the inside wall (as the outer walls/rim apprear to be free of friction. Any suggestions

Try it with the wheel covers removed.

Tires rubbing should be obvious, so I would now eliminate that choice.

Is there something rubbing against the front brake caliper backing plate? To find that, jack it up and turn each front wheel/tire and listen for a vibrating backing plate. If you hear the sound and grasp the backing plate, the sound should change. There may be a buildup of rust on the unswept areas of the rotor, or a stone jammed between the rotor and backing plate.

Try it with no wheel covers first, and make sure the lug nuts are all tight enough.