Front end noise

I have 2007 F-150. I left for Iraq for two weeks and one of my kids borrowed my truck. When I got back, I drove the truck and have noise like the tire is rubbing something. I can’t find anything hitting the tire. When you turn left, it makes the noise, when you turn right, it doesn’t. If you drive straight and hit a bump it sounds like it rubs loader as you bounce. I had a mechanic look at it and he says that he couldn’t see anything. I’ve had the front end aligned and it still makes the noise. I’m at a loss for an answer. The truck handles fine it is just very annoying and I want it stopped! Any ideas?

How about a wheel bearing. Do the brake pads look good?

Brake pads are fine. If it was a wheel bearing, wouldn’t it make noise all the time? When turned right there is no noise at all, at lest that I can hear…

You can lift the front end and grab the top and bottom of wheel and make sure there is no movement. You are shifting the weight of the vehicle when turning left you through it on the left side of the vehicle.

Check the brake backer plate: it gets pretty close to your rotor under normal circumstances. If it is slightly bent, it may very well be touching.


I pulled the complete brake assembly off the driver’s side and found (I think) where it is rubbing. There is evidence of rubbing on the “A” frame on the back side. I am at a loss thou as to how this is happening. I’m thinking either the A frame is bent forward, or possibly the spindle is bent, allowing the tire to rub against the A frame. Any thoughts?


Is there any chance one of your kids caused this and isn’t fessing up?

We were all young once . . .

When the mouse is gone . . .