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Rubbing/chirping noise at low speed

I have an 04 dodge ram. I have recently encountered a chirping noise at low speed (it may be there at higher speed, but I can’t hear it over the engine). It sounds like rubber, rubbing against itself or birds underneath the truck. The noise speeds up and gets a bit louder as I accelerate. The sound generally goes away or I can’t hear it after 25-30 mph. This only happens when in motion, so I don’t think it’s the belts. I’ve read a number of things from CV Joints to Bushings and not sure if it’s either. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


This could very likely be the wear sensors on your brake pads.
These are designed to give you an audible warning that the brake pads are close to worn out.

If the chirping noise stops, that is because the wear sensors have been worn through, and the brake pads are worn sufficiently to cause imminent damage to the brake rotors. Try to avoid having this happen.

Have your brakes (front and rear) checked a.s.a.p.
And, when replacing the brake pads, make sure that the brake fluid is changed if it has been 3 years or more since it was changed.

thanks so much, i’ve had a few other tell me the same…i’m going to pull the wheels off today and take a look…

Chances Are You’ll See A Strange Little Metal Tab On One Of The Brake Pads At Each Wheel Location. Those Are The Chirpers (wear Indicators) That Scrape The Rotors When The Pads Are Wearing Thin.

Halfninja - Interesting. I’m just curious, what’s the other half ?