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Hey there everyone!
I have a 2002 Nissan Xterra SE (Silver). I have just a couple miles over 200K on her too! recently, I have had a chirping noise coming from the front left tire. It chirps upon rotating, as well as when i turn the wheel to the left. I only hear the chirp at slower speeds. Also, the breaks have been starting to screech, not a lot, but occasionally. Do I have bad ball bearings? Need new brakes? Both? Or is there a chance a rock is stuck up in there? Thanks! Oh the chirp goes away when it’s wet outside, like after a rain!

Sounds like a brake-pad wear indicator…A little clip that’s designed to go “chirp, chirp, chirp…” when the brakes have reached the end of their service life…

It’s most likely the brakes.

Have the brakes checked. My bet is that you’re due.