'98 Isuzu Oasis wheel chirps at slow speed

I hear a chirping noise that becomes more frequent and high pitched as the car speeds up until about 20 mph then I can’t hear it any more.
A few weird things: goes away when I apply the breaks; does not begin until I’ve been driving about 10 minutes; does not happen in reverse.
Had it to the shop twice. First time they ground the break rotor. No change. Second time greased some parts. No change. Any help?

It just sounds to me like worn brake pads and the warning tab is just about at the rotor. Presumably the shop checked this since they apparently turned the rotor. What was said about the brake pads?

I agree with cigroller that the most likely cause of this noise is the audible wear indicators in the brake pads. Make sure that the shop checks all of the brake pads for excess wear.

Most likely what cigroller and VDCdriver said. However, if the Oasis has plastic wheel covers remove them and see if the chirping disappears. My wife’s 98 Windstar had chirping at low speeds due to the wheel covers. Took a while to figure it out though.

Ed B.