Rubber u channel

I gutted the bathroom and kitchen, replaced the floor and flooring (installed vinyl tile flooring), put the cabinets on top of the flooring (previously they had been installed directly on the underfloor). I want to dress the bottom of the cabinets with rubber u channel: it’ll resist wetness, protect the cabinet and floor, seal (I hope), and not-attach the cabinet to the floor.

I can find no rubber u channel at the home stores or hardware stores, only as an auto part. That’s why I ask here. For what should I look? I’d like the softest, so as to seal well. It won’t get exposed to the sun or road grit, so sturdiness matters less. Ideally I’ll never move it, but that’s what I hoped about the preceding cabinets.

I’d go for a flat rubber gasket. How many U-channel gaskets are there on automotive components that need a good seal? The ones I think of all use flat gaskets. You could also put caulk on the bottom of the cabinets or on the floor where the cabinets will sit. The caulk is permanent in that it will seep into the wood grain of the cabinet panels where it is applied. I’d go for the rubber gasket.

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Sorry but I would not do this. There is no rubber channel that will give a good seal and be presentable. If you do not have baseboards, then add the baseboard to dress up the toe kick, then simply add a bead of clear silicone to the bottom. That’s how it’s done. Even if you don’t use baseboard, you can still use the silicone against the toe kick. I only do ceramic and have done my share of cabinets but that’s how it’s done. And you can find the silicone anywhere.

Or if you would rather, you can get colored silicone to match grout at ceramic supply aisles or regular colored caulk.

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