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Door gaskets

I have a car (99 Lexus LS 400) that sits a lot. Last time I opened the door the black rubber gasket on the door pulled off at the top. It has gotten “sticky” and stuck to the one on the door frame. The gaskets have not gone bad–so I was able to put it back on. Is there anything I can put on the gaskets to keep them from sticking? Would Vaseline be safe? I know that oils can degrade rubber.

Silicone spray.



Do NOT use Vaseline!

Periodically, I spray some silicone lube on a rag and I wipe all of my door gaskets with it.
I have never experienced “sticking” with this regimen.

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Thanks a lot.

My wife’s BMWs have always specifically said not to use silicone on the door seals to avoid damage, so I’ve avoided that on all of our cars. I prefer to use 303 Aerospace Protectant instead, usually applied just before freezing weather starts.