2007 Ford Explorer weather stripping around lift gate

The weather stripping / rubber seal has become loose around the lift gate and has flopped out of its channel. It’s been that way for a year now and I would just push it back it and it would stay there… Until now. When I push it back it, it won’t stay and just flops back down.

My first thought was to just use gorilla glue and glue it back into place. But… is gorilla glue the best thing to use or is some other adhesive better? I was also wondering if its better at this point to simply replace it.

Any thoughts/insights would be appreciated!

There’s an adhesive specifically designed for this purpose. It should be available at any parts store. I’d go with the right adhesive.

My second choice, if I couldn’t find the right stuff, would be an RTV silicone silastic, because of not only its adhesive qualities but also its elasticity and resistance to water, UV, and other possible concerns. It’s the 100% silicone RTV at the hardware store.

3-M weather strip adhesive. At the auto parts store or Amazon and other places.

It is made exactly for this issue. It is a contact cement so follow directions carefully. It helps to have another set of hands when its time to glue it up. It works great.

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Thanks to you both! Sounds like the 3M stuff is the way to go.

Looks like I’ll have to get my sister’s otherwise worthless boyfriend to lend a hand…