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Cold outside and the rubber came undone from my door

Hi, I live in the Midwest and last week it was very cold and when I tried to get into my car the rubber came off/undone from around the window and door. When I open the door now, the black rubber is just hanging down. Should I use some type of glue, and or will this continue to happen since it’s very cold now and it will get colder.

3M has some good adhesive for these type of rubber products (I don’t remember it’s name but it comes out yellow)I like to treat my door rubbers with a silicone paste(apply with a rag)it prevents this condition.

I Used To Use That Stuff. It Was Called 3M Super-Weatherstrip-Adhesive.

I just checked. It is still available. It is made for this purpose. Click the link below.

I used it when I managed an auto body shop.
You should be able to buy it at most auto parts stores, especially ones that sell to body shops. Follow the product directions, carefully.

Others have given you good advice on replacing it, but I would point out that it may have come off due to freezing on the door. After you get it back on and you get everything clean and dry, I would suggest using the silicon lube on the rubber so it will not stick to the frame again if it is wet and freezing.

Joseph, You Agree With Old School. Good Advice.