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Rubber tubing separating from the windshield

Hi all,

My first car question. I have a 2013 Kia Forte. It’s got 57,000 miles on it. I bought it 10,000 miles ago when I moved up here. Bear with me if it’s a silly question.

I was clearing snow off the car today — it’s my new near-daily pastime now — and I noticed that the rubber tubing around the lower left driver’s side corner of the windshield has begun to separate from the windshield itself. I checked the other side, and the tubing is flush with the windshield. My question is whether I need to get this back down to flush position, because I have read enough posts about leaks and mildewy smells to wonder if this might cause some kind of drainage issue, because snow and ice was wedged down in there. Picture attached— it was hard to get a proper perspective on it, so apologies if this isn’t helpful. If it might be an issue, how do I address it?


Likely this raised up due to a little water getting behind it and freezing. Which is why it is still up. I think it may fix itself in the spring and summer. I also think it there to reduce wind noise rather than seal out water.

Okay, great. Thanks.

What are ya asking us for? We don’t know nothin bout cars.


Correct , our expertise is helping find worthless garden hose attachments to clean wheels instead of actually doing it properly :grinning:


I’d push it back in. In this position, it provides a place for water to pool, and eventually might lead to a leak or rust. It would take a while for that to happen, but I wouldn’t wait too long You need to wait until any ice melts that is already in there, but you should get temps above freezing in the next couple-a-three weeks. Parking in the sun helps too. It might help to clean that open area of road dirt with water before pushing the gasket back.