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Black rubber around windshield coming loose

The black rubber strip around the outside of my windshield is coming loose - it’s about a third of the way off at this point, and flaps in the wind as I drive. First, is this dangerous? My husband thinks that the windshield may pop out without this rubber correctly in place. Can I simply glue it down (and with what), or does it need a more serious repair? How should we repair this? (Note that we are not particularly handy, so if it’s at all hard, like removing the windshield, we would get a pro to do it.)

My car is a 2004 Subaru Forester. We actually had the windshield replaced a few years ago because it was cracked. We have since moved to another state so I don’t think I can call back the same person who fixed it last time.

If your windshield is in good condition it can be quickly repaired by any windshield shop. It’s not a DIY job because your airbags depend on a good windshield seal to work properly. I would get this fix right away. This is not a “trim” piece is it. That could be fixed easily also but a windshield inspection is your best bet.

Your windshield is held in place by urethane adhesive. If it was done properly the glass will not pop out.