Leak behind glove box

I have a leak under the glove box that leaves a puddle of water on the passenger floor. This occurs when it rains.

Any repair advice?

Was the windshield replaced recently? If it was, the shop did not properly seal the new windshield, and they should be willing to do the job properly if you bring it back.

Even if this is not a new windshield, the problem is almost sure to be a bad seal at the bottom of the glass.

Many years ago, my brother had a new '67 Datsun SPL-310, that marque’s first attempt to sell a sports car in the US market. One of the MANY problems with that poorly designed and poorly assembled car was a leak from the bottom of the windshield that was so bad that the passenger’s pants leg would become completely soaked within 10-15 minutes while driving in the rain. Luckily, the car’s huge number of problems led him to dump it soon after, so someone else then had the problem of the soaked pants, the rust, the starting problems, the…

Check around the cabin filter, the plastic shroud/cover sometimes sometimes cracks and water off the windshield will drip down onto the floor. If you have had this filter replaced recently it could be the cover was not replaced properly.

Also the drain from the area under the grill right in front of the wind screen could be blocked or the drain from the A/C system could be blocked. Note: your car likely uses the A/C anytime you have defrost on.

if its only when it rains then it might be your windshild, but if it does it slowly all the time it could be your heater core, i had a problum similer, i thought it was only when it rained, but then i saw it happing when it didnt rain, so check that. hope this helps

I had a similar problem with my '03 Focus. Carefully pour water down the passenger side sunroof drain, (if so equiped). Should drain on the ground. If not the drain hose came undone like mine. Pull the interior plasiic trim on the A pillar and you will see the hose. I used a thin piece of wire pushed down the drain to help me locate it. I just plugged it back in and havent had any problems since. Good luck.