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Loose weatherstripping on windshield

While driving home from Sedona this week we’ve noticed that the weatherstripping on the exterior of the windshield is coming loose from the lower driver’s side and flapping. While we can kind of tuck it in and keep it down for awhile it eventually comes loose and is slowly coming apart more and more from the glass.

Do we need to have the weatherstripping replaced on the entire windshield or just the exterior, is it a major or minor problem, how big or small of a job is it and how much can we expect to pay for the repair? We’ve never had to deal with glass or window issues so we don’t want to get burned with our first one.

Thanks for your help!

The tear is in the lower corner of the windshield on the driver’s side and moving across towards the passenger side. It’s currently loose to about 1/2 way across the windshield

The glass might need to be removed to put in the new reveal moulding

Thanks. Anyone else? I’m already starting to dread the potential bill here…

It shouldn’t be all that bad. Just take it to a glass shop and get an estimate. If the glass isn’t chipped or cracked, you’ll save on materials costs.

It is kind of odd to have a weather strip at the bottom of a windshield. Due to safty issues concerning air bags, the front and rear glass should be secured on to prevent them from blowing out when the air bags deploy. I think it’s just a filler to prevent air and, or moisture from collecting under the windshield. I would suggest taking it to a auto body shop and inquire about it. Most auto body repair shops offer free estimates. Also check with your auto insurance carrier and see if you have windshield coverage.

The cost should not be very much at all. Glass shops replace bonded windshields all the time. Some even do it in your driveway, weather permitting. As a matter of fact, since it’s simply the trim piece that needs replacing, they probably won;t even have to remove the glass.