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Rubber plug boot stuck on 93 Camaro, need help

Hi, Im having the worst time. I’m trying to change my wires and plugs and on the left side and I have a rubber boot (middle one) that is stuck and it’s very hard to get to to grip it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove it, thank you for your help.

Rip the boot off.

If the boot is stuck to the spark plug, it’s time for a new set of wires.


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Have you tried rotating the boot on the plug first? But as Tester says you could just rip the boot off. Since you’re replacing the wires AND the plugs it doesn’t matter if you damage them.

I’ve tried, hard as heck to get a grip. It’s on the left side in the middle. I can only grip with the tips of my fingers and that’s it. I tried a wrench but there’s not much room. I thought maybe I could use a piece of string and looping it around and pulling. I tried forever night, looks like I’ll be doing the same thing tomorrow.

Use a utility knife and cut what you can reach and tear the rest off with pliers.

Got a dandelion digger? I found that helpful for popping a stuck boot.

There are several tools made especially for that problem but you will spend a great deal of time and money chasing them down so as recommended above, just pull it off and replace the set.

And believe it or not @Barkeydog, I have a dandelion digger along with half a dozen other Blue Point and Snap-On boot puller tools. All have at times worked well.

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@Rod_Knox I thank you for that, along with a good reply :slight_smile:

I use an 11 " long needle nose pliers with either a bent or 90 degree tip to remove spark plug boots.