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'04 Chrysler 300M Tune Up

I want to replace the Spark plugs on my 300M. In order to do that I need to separate the plug wires from the boots that fit over the spark plugs. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

–Grab the boot, never pull on the wire.
– Wiggle and pull at the same time. (sounds like fun, right?)
–Only remove one at a time so you do not mix up the wires. You probably should replace the wires also if they are the original ones and you are experiencing problems.

Is your check engine light on? Codes?

I’ve never heard of boots that need to be separated from the plug wires.

I’d be surprised if they COULD be separated, except by brute force, in which case you’d need to replace the wires.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong about this.

I think this has coil on plugs. There should be a button or tab on the connector to get it off the coil.

Thanks rripstop. I learn something new everyday.

You can see the connector for the wires in the pictures, although they don’t mention disconnecting the wires.

I’d say remove the connector from the coil-on plug module, then (gently) pull the boot if there is one off the plug. I have an older 3.5 engine that uses standard wires. IMO these are the easiest engines ever made to change the plugs on as long as you have a long socket extension. Just use care not to drop anything down into the open tubes when you have the plugs out. And do them one at a time.

Thanks rripstop for the pictures. I agree there should be some kind of tab to disconnect the connector from the coil, but I haven’t been able to figure out how its done. But it appears from the pictures you’ve provided that I should be able to do the job without doing the disconnect, so I’ll give that a try. If that doesn’t work I’ll seek further advice.

Sometimes there’s a little tab that has to be removed before the harness can be unplugged. It is often a different color than the harness, usually red. Once that is removed, squeeze the little button down and unplug the harness.