Missing Spark Plug Boot

Ok so I was just changing my spark plugs on my 350 small block and one of the spark plug boots got torn apart when I tried to pull it off the plug. the wire seems ok and the connector on the end of it is completely rust free. my question is wether or not this is an urgent issue or if it can wait a few days to fix? also can I just buy a boot kit for it or should I replace the wires completely? the wires themselves are fairly new and all in good condition and there is spark to all the cylinders right now.

I might try and find an old set of wires and salvage a boot from one of those wires. Maybe a shop will give you one.

Some places sell just one plug wire.

well I know I can buy a boot set but i’m kind of wondering how urgent this really is. can I run it for a few days like this till I have time to go get something or should I go in tomorrow and grab it before work if I can?

If there’s no metal around it, it’ll probably be okay. If there’s metal around it, it may try to arc to it.

Hard to say, only car I’ve seen run without boots was an antique (1911), and a lawnmower. It might work, it might arc.

the only thing there is the exhaust manifold and some heat shielding and when I ran it it didn’t arc at all so i’m guessing if that’s the only problem I should be ok

Just hope it doesn’t rain. That could cause it to short out.

@texases beat me to my answer. You’ll be fine until it rains.

The only thing I will add is that you should consider buying a tube of dielectric grease at the parts house and lube the inside of all plug boots. When removing them always do it by twisting the boots instead of pulling them straight off.

If it don’t miss you’ll have bliss…