Spark plug boot remover

Help please i happen dealing with this for over 6 months and have tried almost everything but apparently the one thing that WORKS.I have a 2001 ford f-150. I have a rubber boot stuck around my spark plug. yes i have tried a scribe set to pull it out i have tried lube to lube it up enough to wiggle it out. i have searched the internet for hours nothing seems to work. SOMEBODY HELP MEW PLZ. Its killing me in gas and has a really bad miss fire it runs like complete and total crap!!!I have 100 bill for anyone who can get it out no matter how long it takes!!

They make all kinds of spark plug boot pullers.


Just need to find one for your application.


Cut the boot loose with a sharp knife. Lenghtwise. peel it away. Replace the wire, you likely damaged it already.

This is, of course, if you are talking about a conventional spark plug wire and not a coil on plug.

I agree with Mustangman. I was going to suggest a sharply pointed Exacto knife with the dull side of the blade and the tip going under the boot and push all the way down in, then peel with tweezers.

The easier option might be to break the ceranic end of the spark plug, vacuum out the debris fron the hole and just use your spark plug wrench to remove the rest of the plug.

I found a dandelion digger helpful under the bottom of the boot, and had one at the time so no money out!

At 20 years of age I would not even attempt to save the plug boot. Replace all of it. I do not know if you are trying to remove it straight out but twisting the boot is what works best.

Besides, if you suspect the plug is actually what is causing the miss then it is also damaging the plug boot. Especially 6 months worth of this.

And I would also suggest with the plug out a compression check be run. If compression is dropping that will in turn soon kill a new plug which will in turn kill a new plug boot and so on.