Rough starting VW 6cylinder

i have 2004 R32 Golf~it has a recurring hard starting problem.usually the car starts up as soon as you turn the key,but once in a while(especially after letting the car sit for several hours) you need to crank the engine over & over multiple times.when the engine does catch,it chugs and sputters~feathering the throttle makes it bog down(like a carb’ed engine with a faulty choke).the engine almost seems like it starts on one or two cylinders and then gradually cyl’s number 3,4,5,6 get up and running.i just replaced all 6 plugs and coilpacks back in November(they were recalled)my check engine light is on,but i don’t have any code-reader available to me(i’m saving up for a VW/Audi specific one;hopefully soon:( ).anybody have an idea what causes this?

Getting the trouble codes can save a lot in unnecessarily changed (expensive) parts. “Let’s see what happens when we change this part!” You can get a code scanner for $60, or less. It will read the codes on the VW as long as the scan tool is CAN capable (IF the VW has the CAN communication protocol).

Some of the chain auto parts stores read trouble codes for free. Just ask. Then, bring the codes here for comments and advice (some good).

Let's start by getting the codes.  Are you in the US.  In the US many auto part stores will read the codes for free.  While VW has some VW specific codes that require a VDCOM or the newer version (you should be find with the older one) a standard reader should be able to read most all of the codes your 2004 might have. 

If you are in the US, stop by the TDI Club.  While they are diesel centered you may well be able to find a member with a scanner who can help you out.

ok,thanks guys.i’ll give that a shot.

six months later…
i got my annual inspection about 6weeks ago,there was only ONE item causing my CEL~it was the CTS- coolant temp. sensor! i guess the hard starting was due to the engine computer thinking it was always starting a cold engine(and dumping in too much fuel).all is well now,thank you.:slight_smile:
i still need to buy that VW/Audi code reader,though.