2007 new car trouble starting

I just bought a brand new RAV4 and had a recent oil change and inspection. Everything was fine. But my car had trouble starting one day. It was not too cold out (around 40 F). And it has only happened once. I checked the oil and battery. Nothing seems wrong. Anybody have any idea why this happens? Just curious. Thanks!

It’s under warranty. Take it back to the dealer. Not only will they look for stored computer codes and try to diagnose the cause, they’ll also check for relevant TSBs (technical service bulletins) and provide for you a record that it occurred. That way if it becomes a problem in future you have evidence.

I agree with the previous post but also remember that on occasion even a reliable car like a RAV will have a bad day. Since it happened only once I think it’s no big deal…

Don’t expect much from the dealer. He doesn’t have much, if anything, to go on. If you don’t see the check engine light, it is likely that no code is stored. Since it only happened once, the dealer won’t be able to duplicate the problem in his shop. Do get a code dump from your ECM, but don’t get your hopes up.

If it only happened once, forget about it. Drive the vehicle and enjoy it. A one-time event is not worth worrying about.