Vokeswagen Golf, Cold start

Re; 95 Golf, VW, Serious symptoms: When the engine is cold, particularly in the morning, you turn the key to start, but the engine keeps cranking and will not fire until you leave off of the ignition. Must do several times (number of crank revolutions makes no difference). Upon starting, it sputters greatly, smoke out the exhaust. In the colder winter months, a different noise-hollow sound, as if some air is being released or back pressured. Once engine finally starts and cleans out what appears to be a flooding the engine runs smoothy with normal power and pickup. Occasionally, on the third try described above, when it fires, there is no other symptoms at all, and the engine runs like nothing unusual happen. You guessed it. It has been to two different dealers. So far, upon their diagnosis, the Mass Air Flow Sensor, the PCV breather, the whole distributor (twice), the fuel filter, the coil, the ingnition wires/plugs, fuel treatment and the computer board has been replaced. After about 3 months of work, the computer board was to solve a signaling problem with the cold start sensor. Nothing doing! The second dealer has been professional in all of this, thank God, but they are totally stumped again, and they maintain VW company can’t help out with this age of car. I’m scare to take anywhere else. This a 130,000 mile car, body and mechanical items in perfect shape, since I have done all the maintenance. I want to keep it, and can’t sell it in this condition. I’m going crazy without this car!