A problem with starting

Hello everyone.

I have a 1995 VW Golf Cabriolet with 70000 miles on the clock. Often when trying to start teh car there is ignition and the engine fires and then often it simply conks out. To get the car to start requires repeated efforts of anywheer up to perhaps 20 goes. Though sometimes it starts staright up. There is no obvious pattern to when it starts or does not start easily and the check engine light is not on. I imagine it must be a sensor, but am reluctant to go to the mechanics without a potential diagnosis, having had some problems previously with misdiagnosis of faults. Please let me know what you think the problem may be? Thanks

When was the last time the plugs and wires were replaced? How about the air and fuel filters?

Has the fuel pressure been checked?

Does your car have a lit up Check Engine Light on the dash when you finally do get the car up and running?