Rough start after filling up

I have a 2001 Hyundai Sante Fe AWD with the V6. About 150,000 miles. In the last month, we’ve started having trouble re-starting the car after stopping for a gas fillup. It won’t restart as normal, takes several cranks, and requires pumping the accelerator to keep it running. All other times it starts on the first crank, and idles all by itself. I’ve even tried pulling the gas cap off, not filling up, then restarting and I’ve not been able to duplicate the problem. Only happens after actually filling the tank!

Is the CEL coming on?

You may have an EVAP fault.

Perhaps the rubber seal on the cap is worn or damaged and won’t seal immediately.

No warning lights on at all.

A wild guess is that the charcoal canister purge valve may be stuck open and engine is being flooded (with gasoline). Hold the gas pedal 3/4 down while cranking the engine, and see what happens. Then, tell your mechanic the results.