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Help! My car won't start after filling up!

I have a 2003 Hyundai Sante Fe and EVERY time I fill up with gasoline, my car has a very hard starting. It only happens when I get gasoline and I am not consistent with the gas station I go to. Any suggestions on what may be wrong??

It could be a “hot start” problem. Getting gas only take a couple of minutes and it can get pretty hot in the engine compartment during that time.

How do you get it to start? I assume it does eventually.

Have your computer codes read to see if you have any relating to the evaporative emissions system. Generally a problem like this is fixed with a new evaporative purge solenoid. It’s a fairly common problem.

Does it only have a problem when you completely fill the tank? Do you always fill the tank all the way? If you do, try filling it a little and see what happens. Also have the fuel filter(s) replaced.

Todays fuel tanks are vented back into the engine. A “Carbon Canister” is supposed to absorb the vapors and then feed them into the engine in a controlled manner. If your canister is saturated or the purge valve stuck open, the fumes can “flood” the engine while refueling. Try holding the throttle wide open when you start after refueling to clear the vapor quickly…

I have to keep the key turned and pump the gas some. After it finally “starts” I have to keep the gas pedal down and rev the engine for a bit. Sometimes it will idle on its own after revving the engine for a bit, but most of the time it dies. If I switch it into drive really fast after it starts and drive then it doesn’t die. Sooooo frustrating!!

I have the same car and same problem… mine has 101,000 miles on it. After getting gas (no matter the amount- half tank or 1/4) I have to pump the gas for about 60 sec. to keep it started.