2008 Hyundai Santa Fe stalls after fill-up

Whenever we fill up with gas the starts and stalls. Have had it looked at and could not find anything wrong. The only time this happens is when we fill up with gas. Have to floor it to try to get away from pump and after a few seconds runs fine.

Do you stop filling gas at the first click or do you try to get every last drop in? If you try to get every last drop in, stop that. It is overwhelming the vapor recovery system and causing your problem.

If you stop fueling at the first click, I’d still have the vapor recovery stem checked.

Thanks for reply. We stop at first click. I think it may be the
recovery system and am going to have that evaluated.

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Did you buy new, or used? If it was used, odds are the previous owner was not as smart as you are when filling up. :wink:

The problem is probably with the EVAP purge solenoid valve.

This valve is normally closed when refueling.

If this valve isn’t closed when refueling, fuel vapors are forced into the engine. Then when you go to start the engine, and the fuel injectors start adding fuel the engine, you end up with flooded condition.

And by the way, you cannot over-fuel an OBDII vehicle.

There’s a device in the EVAP system called a Fill Limit Vent Valve.

This valve is part of the roll over valve.

We in the car repair business call this the ROOF valve. (Roll Over/Over Fueling valve)