Car stalls after filling gas tank

I have a 2008 Hyundai Sante Fe. Runs great, except for the last two months, every time I fill it with gas, it tries to stall out when I start it. Once I get it running for a minute or so, it is fine until the next time I fill it with gas. Tried filling it with premium gas a few times to see if that made a difference…it didn’t. Took it to my mechanic; he said the car was fine. This only happens at the gas pump and no other time. Has anyone else had this problem, and what fixed it?

Might be an air lock problem caused by a faulty evap system. The car designers assume a certain pressure (or vacuum) in the air above the gas in the gas tank. If for some reason it isn’t that value, it can cause starting problem. A faulty purge valve for example could cause this. It will show up more when there is little air in the gas tank, which is right after filling up. You might see if loosening the gas cap has any effect. Not as a remedy as it is unsafe to drive with a loose gas cap, but as a test it could be helpful. (It might turn on your CEL though.)

I tried starting while leaving the gas cap off, and it didn’t help…

Fill it 3/4 full and call it a day. You should have a good idea of how many gallons are needed based on the gas needle, sure something buggy in the evap, spend lots of bucks or go to plan B

Agree with the others. The only time I’ve had that it was the fuel pump but the evap system would be suspect on a car that new. Don’t fill the gas past the first click. When it clicks off stop. I cringe when I see people continue to fill the tank click after click trying to get the last nickels worth in, for what purpose, I can’t tell.

I’ll try partially filling it next time and see if that works. I just filled up 2 days ago, so it may be a week before I can report back, but will let you know if that helps. Thanks for the tips.