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Rotors for Accord

i may be buying a 1997 Accord with 82k miles. The rotors are clearly warped. Is it ok to get them machined or should i get them replaced. Ballpark estimate for either option? thanks!!

You do realize that the rotors on this vehicle are what are called “Trapped Rotors”? This means the hubs/knuckles have to be disassembled in order to replace the rotors. So if you’re going to go thru all that effort you replace the rotors.


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Labor to machine the rotors will be the same as to replace them, maybe a little more. The steering knuckle has to come out of the car and the hub pressed out, then the rotor removed and replaced. While you have it apart, you may also wish to replace the wheel bearings since they’re right there anyway. With a little creativity, they can be turned without the press work, but few people have such a good imagination, and it’s not really worth it in the long run. Once they’re turned to correct warp, they will inevitably warp again.