Honda brakes

94 honda accord … about every 4 months I need to have the rotors turned because they are warping … and since the last time, when they get hot from stop and go in city traffic, there is a clicking sound when braking. i have had this car for 9 years and is the only issue. can anyone shed any light on why I need so much brake repairs?

Turning rotors thins them and makes them warp faster. New rotors would be your best bet. Then you have to diagnose what is causing the rotors to heat up and warp. Could be the rubber brake lines have collapsed internally. The caliper bolts need grease and are holding the pads against the rotors. Both cylinders are sticking or the front to rear brake bias cylinder is sticking. I take it you pedal is returning to normal height and you do not drive with your foot against the brake. Are you using OEM pads?

You probably need new rotors at this point. The old ones are warped and will do it again, and turning them just makes them thinner, which makes it easier for them to warp again. Now one could be cracked. When you replace the rotors insist (really, insist) that the shop uses a torque wrench to tighten the wheel nuts. Over tightened wheel nuts, done with an air gun, cause a lot of warping rotors, and don’t take no for an answer. It the shop refuses, or tells you they will set the air gun for the proper torque, take your car somewhere else.

Every time you have your rotors “turned” you machine off some metal and make the rotors less able to withstand the heat of braking without warping. You need to replace them.

Beyond that, be sure that you do not keep a foot on the brake pedal when your not using is (“ride” the brakes) and be sure that no one wheel is particularly hot after stopping, which would suggest a dragging caliper.