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1992 Honda Accord front brakes

My son has a 1992 Honda Accord with a warped rotor. How difficult is this job for real? I have been doing my own brakes for many years. But never on a Honda. I keep finding mixed answers online. Everything from it is a timely job. To tearing the whole wheel assembly apart. And because of the age of the car, it’s impossible to find a “how to” video. The plan is to buy all the parts I need and to do it myself. I’m pretty handy. (If I can take it apart, I can put it back together.) Help please! And thank you.

Try this. Hope it helps.

Sure the rotors are the cause of the problem? Things such as loose wheel bearings and worn suspension and steering components can mimic a rotor problem by causing vibration or pulsing.

Looks like two different brake designs…One simple and one not so simple…

The vehicle has what are called trapped rotors.

This means the steering knuckles need to be removed to get at the four bolts that hold the bearing assemblies. Then once the bearing assemblies are removed with the rotor, you have access to the six bolts that secure the rotor to the hub.

It’s getting the bearing assembly out the steering knuckle that’s the hard part.