Roommate's clutch in Honda Civic

My roommate and I share tandem parking spaces. I needed to go to the DMV urgently one Friday when she was at work and her car was blocking mine, and she works over an hour away from where we live.

I don’t drive standard. She didn’t want me to learn how to reverse her car because it has a “sticky” clutch. So, I asked a building maintenance worker who was around if he could move it. He did.

She calls me at work this morning after not having used her car in a couple of weeks furious because her clutch isn’t working.

My question is if one session of being reversed by someone who isn’t as careful as she is could have “ruined” the clutch?

No. Her clutch was probably already on the way out or having issues. If the person who moved the car knows how to drive a standard and didn’t sit there for 10 minutes burning up the clutch and revving the engine, then it’s not your fault. A Honda Civic shouldn’t have a “sticky” clutch-the car had a problem already.

Exactly right & this would most likely have happened regardless of who was driving it.

This most likely has an hydraulic clutch. Has anyone checked the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder?

If it’s low theres a leak somewhere & this was not caused by the building maintenance worker.

I have taught two ex-girlfriends and my little brother how to drive stick with my truck. Took all three of them to finaly warrent a clutch change. Moving the car would not have burnt up the clutch unless the worker did what Dave G. stated. The clutch was probably already shot.