New Clutch in Honda!?!?!?!

Help. Replaced clutch master cylinder last week. Now when I accelerate it revs the RPM’s and finally catches after about 5-10 seconds. Is this related to the previous repair? They are saying needing new clutch. What to do? Thanks. Mari

Yes that sounds exactly like the need for a new clutch. If its is the original then this is not odd at all. At a little over 207K it would be more surprising that the clutch went that long. What’s with all the “!?!?!?!” - ?

Why was the master cylinder replaced?

MC replaced because it was cracked. All the !?!?!? cause I am thinking about the cost. I guess better that than a new car. Thanks.

200+K miles out of a clutch is pretty good life. Sounds like it is time for a clutch job. My '03 Civic has 106K miles and I’d love to get over 200K before I need a new clutch on the car.