Out of nowhere my clutch is weird!?

With no advanced warning, my clutch pedal has no tension in it and the it is hard to shift. What is it and what will it cost to fix?

Hydraulic clutch???

Sounds like either the master or slave cylinder needs to be replaced.

thanks. I’m freaking out a bit.

I agree with Mike, but would recommend replacing both the master and the slave. If the seal in one is shot, the other is probably not far behind.

any idea of what this might cost?

before you start throwing parts at this, you would do well to test the master and slave. It is a simple test, one person in the car, engine off, parking brake on, push the clutch peddle. The other person should observe the slave and see if it is moving the clutch actuator. Also, if one or the other is shot, there may be leaking brake fluid in evidence, possibly collected in the rubber boot at the end of each valve. (this does not preclude internal leakage). If the actuator is working, the cause could be the folcrum ring in the pressure plate, which is of course your worst case scenario, but then you would most likely still have some resistance to the peddle, more than just the peddle return spring would give you. I am not saying the other posts are wrong, just that it is always good to test the hypothesis before spending money on parts and labor.

I recommend replacing both too.