95 Civic clutch issue

Forgive me, I’ve never had a standard until 5 months ago and this '95 Civic is it. For the past 3 days the clutch pedal feels VERY different. Where it used to ‘engage’ about 8 inches from the floorboard, now it doesn’t engage until it’s almost AT the floorboard. And yesterday I couldn’t get it to engage enough to even get it into a gear. So I just hopped on my bike instead. In other words, I haven’t tried many options with it because I don’t want to get stranded somewhere. Any clues (so I can figure out much $$ this will be) would be much appreciated!

First thing to do is check the clutch fluid reservoir under the hood. Sounds like the fluid level is low. If it is, buy some brake fluid at a parts store and fill the reservoir to the proper level. Consult the owner’s manual for the location of the reservoir and the proper fluid level.

A container of brake fluid should be less than $10.00.

DO NOT spill brake fluid on the car’s paint. Anywhere.

Thanks, fluids I can do! I will try this first and cross my fingers.

my 93 civic had the same problem. if the fluid is low (which I suspect) Add more and it will self bleed any air out. The reservoir it located on the drivers side on the fire wall just right (if you are looking from the front of the car) of the brake booster and master cylinder. You could also put a piece of clean cardboard under it when you park it at night to see if you have a leak.

Thanks you all so much! You are right, there is no fluid at all in there! I’m adding more fluid, going to monitor the leak, and hopefully just have to rebuild the clutch master cylinder. You saved me an embarrassing tow to a garage.

If the reservoir went empty like that, you probably have a leak. Check it EVERY DAY to monitor the loss of fluid. If it needs to be topped off within a week, look for the leak. It should be evident either around the slave cylinder attached to the transmission or under the floor mat if it is the master cylinder. If a leak is found in either cylinder, replace both. They wear together and if one failed, the other is not far behind.