Rolls over on its own but doesn't start

I was sitting in vehicle while waiting on someone, key in ignition. I was on my phone and I hear vehicle roll over. This is the second time its happened any ideas of why?
Vehicle has 116387 miles
4 cylinder

Can you clarify rolls over?

Tries to start.

1968 Land Rovers are known to do that. Since we know nothing about your car we can only guess. Likely you have a push to start button and while on the phone accidently hitting the button with your knee, maybe

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Steve may be on to something about having remote start and activating it by accident .

No i have a key to start.

I have a key to start and remote start button k

My money is on a problem with the remote start button

If the bushing or bearing in the end cap of a starter get worn out enough, the armature can ground against the case and self energize. This can be very interesting in a standard shift vehicle. I had a 72 ford tractor with a 534 cubic inch gas engine move a 43 ft, trailer with 20 tons of steel on it 30’ into the back of the trailer in front of it while I was showing the paperwork to the receiving clerk. A good thing I had the clerk as a witness that I was not in the cab.