Rolled Jeep

I rolled 1998 Jeepon Tues. I’ve had her sitting since. We changed the oil, filter and plugs. When we started her it made a loud pop sound and a cloud of smoke came out from the drivers side. We shut her off right away. What could be the cause?

You rolled it on Tuesday.

No telling what may have gotten dis-lodged when the Jeep rolled over. You’ll just need to inspect everything on the driver’s side to determine what caused the pop and smoke. If it was fairly immediate upon start-up, chances are it is electrical. But no guarantees.

Sounds like it may have backfired or ignited some gas that had gotten into the intake or exhaust. I’d probably just start it again and see what happens.

“Compressed” The Oil Or Coolant In Some Cylinders On One Bank ? Liquids Don’t Compress Very Well. I Hope You Didn’t Blow Something Out Or Break Some Important Pieces. Keep Your Fingers (And Toes) Crossed.

You probably should have have cranked it with the spark plugs removed before firing it. That should have removed most of the oil and / or coolant from the cylinders. Did You do that when the plugs were out ?

I’d think that whatever was going to happen, happened.

How long was this thing upside-down or how long was it on its side ? Why not tell this story. Paint us a picture with words (unless you’ve got a picture to show us).

Oh, and you forgot to tell us something. Did this Jeep regularly use (consume) any oil or coolant prior to it going belly-up ? Bad head gasket(s)? How much in approximate quarts or gallons per miles or weeks ?


We had 1 plug removed when we cranked Jeep. Oil did come out, but we only did it once.
The Jeep was on her back for 30 minutes to a hour.
The roads were not the greatest and I had to take back roads to work, since they shut down the highway because of car and semi accident. I almost made to another main road when I hit black ice and before you know it I swung around facing the other direction. I slid into the ditch, when I tipped on my driver’s side. It looks like the trailer hitch dug into the other side of the ditch, causing me to roll on the top.
We put in a Jasper motor in her about 5 years ago and was good on oil. Was good on coolant too.

I saw one just like that on the way to work this morning. One inch of snow and an over-confident driver.

1/2 hour to 1 hour on its back?

Well, the good news is that the fuel system is totally enclosed and the injectors are closed whenever the system is deenergized, and you also have a flap valve to prevent spillage in the event of a rollover. So you need not worry about fuel issues.

Oh, and check the brake fluid and power steering fluid also. Both could have lost fluid via vent holes.
The cooling system is also a closed system. While you may have lost some coolant via the vent hole it shouldn’t be any serious amount. But you want to check that.

However, the oil rings and the compression rings are not designed to prevent leakage of oil backawards. The oil rings are wipers, designed to wipe excess down, and the compression rings are just designed to seal against the explosion. The oil in the pan would have all filled the cylinders below the pistons, and over that amount of time some of it would have leaked through the expansion gaps in the rings and into the cylinders. Some of it would have also run down past any open valves and into the exhaust manifold and/or intake manifold. Oil may also have found its way past the throttle plate and to the air filter.

I’d suggest just clearing the cylinders of any oil still in there, replacing the sparkplugs and air filter, checking the coolant, and firing it back up.

Good news, we got her back on the road. She’s at the shop now to get a new exhaust put on. Everything checks out and looks like motor is fine.
Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

LOL Yeah, I see those type of drivers too. I’m the type that ends up getting passed by small cars with rear wheel drive -LOL

Next time, keep the shiny side up. :wink:

The small cars with rwd make have winter tires and can pass you due to superior control over a ill equipped jeep with all-seasons.