Smoking 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee



Ok…I pushed my Jeep on the freeway going about 70-75mph. It likes 55mph, otherwise it shimmies. It began to smoke from under the hood. My friend Royal may have been too low and when he went to pull the dipstick out you no one came out halfway and got stuck.
Now it won’t go back in either.


Well your Jeep is 23 years old. That’s old enough to smoke… but I sure don’t recommend it.

I can’t understand what happened to you

What does that mean?

Ok, Royal tried to pull the dipstick out and couldn’t pull it more than halfway? And it won’t go back in?

Can you tell us if the car still ran? Made horrible noises? Set a check engine light? Wouldn’t start? Wouldn’t crank? Left a huge puddle of oil under it? Or green liquid - coolant? Please give us something to go on.


No one came out halfway and got stuck??? Do I need a secret decoder ring to decipher this?


That would explain why he couldn’t pull the dipstick out all they way, he needs a step ladder.


If you can’t even ask a question, don’t expect an answer.


I see the problem. All the smoke escaped. Maybe you can find replacement smoke on the internet, I know there is a seller for replacement Lucas Smoke, there maybe one for Jeeps to.


Kathy, you screwed everyone up by inventing your own name “Royal” for the commonly used “oil”. That’s why you’re getting so much static. Use real words and people will be able to understand your questions.

Now, to the stuck dipstick. All I can suggest is to work it back & forth with some solvent or thin lube (penetrating lube" squirted down the dipstick tube. Once you get the stick free, you’ll of course have to do a complete oil and filter change.

In future, you may want to check your oil level regularly.

Why the engine was smoking is still a mystery. Did the temperature warning illuminate? Was there oil all over the engine? The first would suggest that your engine overheated, and you’d want to look into the cooling system. The second would suggest that someone left the oil fill cap off and oil blew out the fill hole as you drove, getting all over the exhaust manifold and causing the smoke.

Post the answer.


Kathy has posted a language puzzler. I’m guessing this sentence was intended to say

My friend Royal thought the oil may have been too low and when he went to pull the dipstick out, you know, it came out halfway and got stuck.


that’s one guess. Be better to hear from Kathy…


I would be surprised if Kathy returns . A high percentage of the posters from Ask someone do not post again.