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Rodeo Turn Signal Buzzing

My 1994 Isuzu Rodeo LS, V6 3.2Ltr. buzzes when I try to engage the left turn signal indicator. Right side is fine but about a year ago it was acting up and seems to have healed itself. Now the left side is buzzing. Sounds like its coming from under the dash on drivers side left of steering wheel. I would allow time for healing but I’m up against inspection and am afraid the dealer will tell me that my “turn signal master cylinder is leaking an dneeds to be replaced in addition to rotating my floor mats.” No flashing just buzzing sort of like it wants to click but can’t. Please advise.

Try spraying some CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner or in a pinch WD-40 into the base of the switch while working the turn signal switch. This fixed the buzzing on my 98 Windstar.

Ed B.

The switch is what causes this problem. Edb’s trick might be worth a try, but if it doesn’t work replacing the switch isn’t too bad to replace, especially since this car has the simpler switch that only does the turn signals as opposed to a multi-function switch. The hardest part is pulling the steering wheel, but you can rent a steering wheel puller from many auto parts stores which makes it a snap. Of course be sure to disable the airbag if so equipped, although I don’t think you have to tear it down to the point that it’s a major risk.

Also, you can save a lot of money by rotating your own floor mats.

Thanks for the tips…Airbags?..that’s funny!..This truck has no safety features. It does one cool thing though when in a crash and that is it folds up nicely like a cheap suit.