Roadtrip in the car or the Jeep?

I just bought a Jeep wrangler last week. 1998 with 100,000 miles. It is in great shape as far as I know. I am wondering if I should drive it to NC (1000 miles round trip) or stick with my car that has 60,000 miles on it. I am thinking that it is a lot of miles to put on the Jeep and I am not sure if it has any looming problems since I have only had it a week. But, I also think that since it is under warrenty it would be good to push it now so if it breaks it is under warrenty and can be fixed! What would you do?

Jeeps were not made for road trips…

Personally, I wouldn’t drive the Wrangler anywhere but to a trailhead, but if the weather’s nice and you want to have the top down, go for it. Driving 1,000 highway miles is pretty easy on a vehicle. Just check your tire pressure and all your fluids before you go. Obviously the car is going to cost you a lot less in gas and drive a lot nicer on the highway, but whatever.

I’d take the car. If you’re trying to see if something breaks, do it near home where you can get an easy tow, not 500 miles away from home.

What kind of car?

Chevy Malibu. Thanks for the input everyone! I appreciate it! My household is having a heated debate about it!

New unknown 100k JEEP, vs 60k malibu I pick Malibu, is your warranty nationwide on the jeep?

It is nationwide. I am leaning towards the Malibu for all the reasons you have all said. But the Jeep is so much more fun when we get to the beach! Decisions Decisions!

How limber are you. I only have Wranglers and I’ll tell you after a good stretch of road, I appear not unlike a Tin Man in need of an oil can.

If you’re young enough, do it now. Gain the wisdom while you still don’t have to pay too dearly for it.

Invest in ear plugs too. Especially if it’s a soft top with half doors.

What beach?

200 miles in a Jeep is a lifetime limit for most people…

If you’re young, take the Jeep. If you’re old, take the Malibu.

Jeeps aren’t good road trip cars. I’ve been in a Cherokee and it’s very loud on the highway. I expect that the Wrangler will be worse. Take the Malibu.