I want a Jeep!

OK you Jeep experts.

It’s midlife crisis time and I really, really, really want a Jeep Wrangler. I want to drive around with the top down and the wind blowing through my (rapidly graying) hair.

Yeah, I know, everyone (particularly women) will point to me and say “Midlife Crisis”, but what do I care?

Anyway, I’ve always heard these things have a lousy reputation. Is this still true? And, if I’m willing to go ahead and buy one despite this (hey, I’ve done plenty of stupid stuff before) what should I be looking out for?



Yeah, it’s still true. Jeep even made a slogan out of it: “It’s a Jeep thing…you wouldn’t understand”.

You’ve earned the right to do stupid things. Enjoy your new Jeep. Drive carefully.

The lousy reputation of the Jeep Wrangler is related to its misuse. It is great for off-road use, but it is not designed to handle well or be safe on the highway. You will have even more fun if you use it for what it was designed for. If you buy one, you should look for mountains to climb.

Re-train your subconsious reactions to match vehicle type and have fun :slight_smile: My 79 year old dad bought himself a motorcycle four years ago.

I believe in satisfying midlife crisis. But soul search honestly. I think it’s the convertible part more than the off-the-road-ness that floats your boat. The Jeep’s higher center of gravity and firmer ride will quickly cause loss of appeal for the car.
I say go for a sporty convertible, much more fun, more amenities and make sure you add all the electronics you WANT! I’m 56 and love my '97 q45 with touch screen GPS/XMradio/TV/DVD/iPod, ham radio, and three trunk amplifiers for awesome sound! Everyone is going fuel economy so there are great sport sedan bargains out there.
You are right in attitude, my good friend.
Embrace midlife crisis and its license to satisfy. Good luck!

I think the bad reputation is unearned, at least based on my family’s experience. Over the last 20+ years we have owned at least 6 Jeeps, including 2 Wranglers. My '87 was still going strong at 167,000 miles with nothing unusual except a clutch job. The clutch was fine, it was just rusting to the mainshaft due to driving it in salt water. The '97 Wrangler has had absolutely nothing in the way of repairs. My daughter in law has a Grand Cherokee with over 200,000 miles, original engine and transmission, car is used off-road a lot and pulls trailers. Son just bought a 2008 Wrangler, no problems. I also have a Cherokee that I bought new in 1997. So far, I have had to replace a power window motor and a switch. We prefer to drive the Jeeps. In two year, we only have a little over 4,000 miles on our E350.

If you are going to drive a Jeep, you have to understand and appreciate the quirks. A Wrangler will be noisy, ride rough, and not get very good gas mileage. Head over to wranglerforum.com or jeepforum.com for some real insight.

just remember the word (HEEP),and they are horrible more so now ,then long ago when they would last a long time,just buy the extentend warr,

and do not go off road,until you buy 10k worth of real aftermarket parts.

have fun.

Driving a Wrangler with the doors off is simply “all a part of being cool.”

It should solve your midlife crisis.

However When off road, Remember “if you can’t turn, you ain’t much better than a cannonball.”

Just remeber REAL jeeps have round head lights.
Life is to short go for it!!!

Go for a '51 willy

I have owned a '00 Wrangler, and enjoyed it. It was just too small to take on any long camping trips, and uncomfortable (after awhile) and loud on the highway. I had no problems whatsoever with this vehicle. My son has it now.

It was great to drive around with the top down. But, the top is not that convenient to take down and put back up (you have to take out the side curtains and stow them somewhere in the already small vehicle). Also, a convertible is fun if you can count on the weather cooperating. But, like here in Colorado, if you get afternoon thunderstorms in the summer, you end up constantly putting the top back up to keep the seats dry.

I’d be careful about buying one that has been lifted. They are quite capable stock. Lifting can put undue stress on the rear driveshaft u-joints due to the short rear driveshaft. AND, lifted Jeeps tend to get abused.

I’m one of those guys who should know what real Jeeps are like after using them in Viet Nam for 31 months. Guys at work who were also in the Land of rice and opportunity still don’t believe me when I tell them I actually drove a jeep in RVN that had 15,000 miles on it! Only Jeep i ever drove in the US Army with more than 10,000 miles on it. They are not made for 18 year old males to abuse, but then what is except 17 year old females.

Couple years ago I finally did buy a used Jeep Wrangler with only 5000 miles on it and guess what --the engine went with 7000 miles on it. After arguing with the dealer over it, he finally said well it was a 95 4 cylinder so I can rebuild it for nothing but I can’t replace it??? Got it rebuilt and no more problems. Still leaks like a seive but then I can’t bitch. Remember when the 1st Cav wouldn’t let us use any canvas on jeeps at all. And still shake my head in wonder that the troops now a days need armor plateing on Hum Vees when sand bags on the floor of a jeep was plenty of protection for running over land mines in the '60s.

To answer your question–get a bimbo; get the jeep when you are older. And don’t forget---- according to USA Today, the Jeep Wrangler is still the most popular vehicle for gay males.

Who cares what USA today says. I know a lot of guys who have Jeeps and none are gay. Also who cares if gay guys drive Jeeps. If you like something just buy it and don’t worry about something stupid like that.

My last Jeep required 62 service visits in seven years, for what it’s worth.

Get the Jeep! I bought mine at age 51 ten years ago. Even with 11 service visits in three years (most serious is the instrument panel going out), I loved my jeep. Now, my 17 year old daughter is driving it and I am back to my 17 year old faded GMC truck. Remember, DON’T DRIVE BEHIND AN OLD MAN WITH A HAT! Oh no! Now I am the old man with the straw hat going fishing. Good Luck with the Jeep.

John, you should DEFINITELY indulge this midlife crisis … from what I’ve seen, a car is the cheapest form it can take! I myself bought this crazy Lexus (used) I’d wanted forever, and even though the excitement wore off after about a month, I’m glad that for once in my life I bought myself EXACTLY what I wanted. Sooooo … I’m guessing the Jeep will be mechanically sound enough to get you through the crisis at least, and after that you’ll sell it to another middle-ager who can live with it through the potential headache years!

By all means, get a Jeep! I’m 54 and I have an '04 TJ Rubicon. Jeeps are a lot more refined and reliable than they used to be. You’ll just have to decide if you want the Rubicon version which has amazing 4x4 capability but is less street friendly.

Sincere thanks for your military service. Welcome home.

Jeeps require far less maintenance than bimbos…

thanks for the info.i live up north and was thinking about getting a jeep for hunting up at camp.and thanks for your service for are country.

Jeeps are now considered to be chick vehicles.