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2001 BMW or 1999 Jeep?

I am relocating from FL to GA and have always travelled up there in my Jeep Wrangler–1999, now 170k miles–thinking if I had any car trouble the Jeep would be the simplest to get running again. I also have a 2001 330i BMW, 85k miles, that I just had serviced and $1100 of repairs. I love this car too–and it runs great for the moment. In some ways I think it would be more fun to take on the road to GA. Question is–which one would you take for a 500+ mile trip? When I get settled in GA I am planning to buy a new car.

@artcoolie take the BMW on that trip.
Then sell both of them.
The Jeep isn’t that practical as an everyday driver on regular roads.
And the BMW will in all likelihood be progressively more expensive to maintain as time goes by.

Right…Sell the Jeep in Florida, good market there…Then drive the comfortable Beemer up to Atlanta and trade it in before it becomes a money-pit…

He’s not asking if he should sell. I would take the BMW for the road trip. Obviously.

Take the one you want to drive. Between a BMW and a Wrangler that’s an easy decision unless you’re planning on avoiding roads. Have an extra good drive by taking a road you’ve never been on. I always try to do that unless I’m in a rush (or have run out of roads.)

The OP has driven the Jeep to GA a few times before, so he’s shown he can stand the trip in the relatively uncomfortable Jeep. Neither of these cars has a good reputation for aging, and both are going to get expensive to keep on the road. 500 miles is really no big deal, take either car but the trip would be much more comfy in the BMW.

Both Jeep and BMW owners are known to get get 200k miles from their cars, some even 300k.

The BMW was just serviced. Take it to Georgia.

I agree with Caddyman on this. Since you’re going to get a new vehicle in GA after a little while, why not sell one of your cars(Jeep) while still in Florida so it won’t be an added expense to your trip