Will my old jeep make it across the state

I have a1999 jeep grand Cherokee with 300,000 miles on it and I am wondering if it will make it from the coast of north Carolina to the mountains about a 6 hour drive

Why don’t you rent a car and stop worrying? There’s really no way the folks on the forum can answer your question. I not trying to be a smart-a55, but how can we know that? That’s a lot of miles sure, but how well did/not you take care of it? Any accidents? Good driver? Speeding? Whatever . . . no way to do anything more than speculate, if that’s what you want . . . I’d say rent a car and forget about it. Rocketman

BTW, I retired an old '89 Accord with 585,00 miles on her and I would have driven it from Maine to California. Rocketman

A. Yes it will B. No it won’t Those are the best two answers you are going to get from anyone who does not know anything about your vehicle.

With all that info you provided, I wouldn’t trust it to make it across the street.

I can’t see the vehicle from here.
Can you park it closer to your computer?

Seriously, however, EVERYTHING depends on how well this vehicle was maintained.
Even though Jeeps have a tendency for a lot of problems as they age, a very well-maintained 16 year old Jeep with 300k miles would probably be able to make it.

On the other hand, a poorly maintained vehicle (of any make) that is much newer than yours would likely have some problems.

What can the OP tell us specifically about the vehicle’s maintenance over the past 3 years?
Please don’t give us a general statement such as “it has been well maintained”.
Please list the actual maintenance that it has gotten over the past 3 years, and that will enable us to give you a better guess…even though it will still be merely a guess.

The miles isn’t any concern to me, but the terrain is. 6 hour drive, that’s what, 350-400 miles at most? I don’t know anything about your Jeep but 400 miles is about 2 tanks of gas. Do you envision your Jeep surviving the next 2 fill-ups?

But if you’re climbing up into the mountains be sure your cooling system and transmission fluids are full and clean. And you’ll need your brakes on the way down. 200 miles of mountain climbing is harder on a car than 200 miles of flat cruising.

Toss of the coin really. Just prepare it the best you can…take a deep breath and go. Make sure to take along a good cell phone and some cash/debit card.

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There’s no way on Earth of knowing whether the Jeep will even make it out of town. The way I would look at it is that it’s made 300k miles up to this point; what’s another 1000 or so added to the total.

Many years ago I bought an old Chrysler one day for 10 bucks; running, tagged, and clear title.
I loaded the car up that day and took off cross-country from CA to OK with no problems. Once here in OK I gave the car to a guy who then drove it to FL with no issues.

Probably best to have a local mechanic take a look at it and see if there are any obvious issues.

Elvis (the OP) has left the building! Rocketman

Rent a car. It’s cheaper than the tow you might need, the hotel room you will pay for, and the headaches you will have. Look at Orbitz.com or if you are a member, use the Costco website.

O.P. isn’t responding…possibly because it finally hit 'em that if the vehicle is in such condition that this question even comes UP…AND to the point of going onlne to ask ?..
Question asked…AND answered !

I would hop in my '79 right now without a second thought and drive it to Florida to see the grand kids.