Road vibrations

I have a toyota 4Runner Sport 4x4 (2004)with 71,000 miles.

Recently I have been hearing and feeling a slight vibration when driving. The vibration starts at around 25 mph and higher speeds. Even when I am coasting above this speed, I hear and feel it. The only time it goes away is when I am curving to the right.

I thought it may be the balance on my tires, but I recently got new tires and had then balanced. The alignment is good also.

I am stumped, any ideas on what it could be?

A Bad Wheel Bearing Is One Possibility. Your Symptoms Fit With This Diagnosis.
Have all wheel bearings checked for play and / or roughness.

I agree with CSA.
While vibration could have many causes, the clue that this is likely to be a bad wheel bearing is the fact that the vibration goes away when you make a turn.

This could also be symptomatic of a front-end problem, such as a bad tie rod end.
No matter which of these scenarios turns out to be the real cause, both are significant safety issues, so this repair is not something that can be deferred.

I’d go along with all of that and say that the primary suspect would be a bearing on the right/passenger’s side.