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Vibration Problem - 1999 Toyota 4-Runner Limited; 195,000 miles

  • No vibration when idling in park.
  • No vibration when increasing RPM’s in park.
  • Vibration starts at about 20-25 MPH and gets just a bit worse as speed increases.
  • Vibration decreases to almost a stop when coasting (foot off of gas pedal) at any speed.
  • Engine still feels strong at any speed. (I don’t go faster than 50-55 on my way to work.)
  • Can feel normally smooth up and down shifting. No jolting or clanging during shifts.
  • Don’t know the last time the transmission oil and filter were changed.
  • All above in ‘D’ gear.

So if you’re going, say, 50 mph and you lift your foot off the gas the vibration stops? I’d guess motor mounts, maybe driveshaft U joints? A good mechanic should be able to diagnose this with a test drive.


Thank you very much for your response. Are these possible fixes expensive, considering the age and mileage?