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Shaking when turning wheel to the right while driving

When I’m driving over 50 mph and going around the slightest curve to the right, my car shakes really bad. It feels like the car is about to fall apart. Turning to the left, there’s no problem. Help!

Remove the tires and examine them for misshaped areas. Often problems will arise with belts shifting under the tread resulting in a diagonal raised bar across the tread causing the shaking. If you can see nothing peculiar remount the tires swapping them front to rear and fully inflating them and see if there was any change in driving.


The fact that the symptom is speed dependent means that the car is finding a resonant frequency at above 50 miles per hour. The tires are definitely involved, but I have also seen this symptom with badly worn ball joints. A very slight tire problem (e.g. slight imbalance) may be the trigger for the vibration that shakes the whole car if there is a loose spot in the suspension.

I’m thinking ball joints too.

When you turn to the right, the resultant turning force goes mostly to the left side wheels. Make sure the lug nuts are are securely installed on the wheels on the left side. A bad wheel bearing on the left could cause something like this too, although this isn’t the common symptom for that, still worth considering. The ideas posted above are also quite likely.