Front end vibration

I have a vibration in the front steering that starts at about 65 mph. I have installed new tires. Had the new tires rotated and rebalanced. With no change.

You may have to resort to Road Force Balancing, which is more sophisticated and more expensive than the type of balancing done by most shops.

If that doesn’t help, you should have your suspension and steering components checked for wear and/or damage. That would not necessarily be appropriate if the car is newish, but you did not tell us either the model year or the odometer mileage.

The 4 runner is a 1999 model with 177k miles. The shop that installed the tires and did the balance work said that they examined the front end and said that it needed new struts which I replaced. Other than the struts they said that they could find no other problems. Which components are the most likely to cause this vibration?

Since new tires and rebalance didn’t change anything, it is not likely that tires are the problem.

Look for worn components.