Road Noise/ Older Car

Is it possible that there is way to revitalize the rubber seals around the doors and windows of my car w/o having to rplace them? Maybe with some sort of goo, or epoxy?

Probably impossible to “revitalize” old rubber. However, I have a J C Whitney catalogue, and it lists all the rubber seals for many different cars back to 1968. For about $400-500 you could replace ALL the rubber seals and the car will sound like new. Hoever, ifroad noise really bothers you, here are shops that will spray the underside of your vehicle with a sound deadener.

What’s the car and what’s the problem? Perhaps there’s another solution.

What kind of car and what are the symptoms? Wind noise, water leaks, etc.?

Any chemical that causes the seals to swell is actually degrading the material. Something that works over the short run will just cause them to fall apart quicker. If you want to keep you car, get new seals. Start with the ones you need most and work your way around the car. You can buy them as you need them or get them all at once if you have the $500 that Docnick mentioned. If you buy them on the internet, you will have to pay shipping each time, though. In addition to Whitney, check eBay Motors and Amazon.